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In photos: the stars’ hilarious punk outfits at the Costume Institute Benefit Gala at the Metropolitan Museum

TO the Costume Institute Benefit Gala at the Metropolitan Museum – New York. The theme was Punk: Chaos to Couture. Whoah! Punk, you say. All bullet-hard leather jackets, super-glue hair and snot. The A-list artistes would do counterculture and DIY fashion. Would any be brave enough for a Nazi helmet? Well, no. This is what punk looks like when you hire a stylist to dress you as one. It’s like watching a Hampshire golf club putting on a performance of Derek Jarman’s Jubilee:


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Madonna attends the 'Punk': Chaos to Couture' Costume Institute Benefit Met Gala at the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

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Nicole Richie Models Her Ashley Cole Tattoo: Pictures

NICOLE Richie launched her ‘Winter Kate’ collection at Le 66 on the Champs Elysees in Paris, France. The clothes were all very clothesy. But then Nicole turned around and showed us her tattoo. No, no, dear reader. The tattoo does not say “Mrs Cole” or “Ashley Woz ‘Ere”, rather it’s formed by two small feathery wings. One imagines these are angel wings but on closer inspection they turn out of be the plumage of the red-breasted sapsucker. Richie’s a shoo-in for celebrity bird watching – so too Ashley Cole… Ashley Cole’s Women (Alleged – NSFW pictures):


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Nicole Richie launches her 'Winter Kate' collection at Le 66 on the Champs Elysees in Paris, France

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Russell Brand And Katy Perry Give Side Eyes And Ashley Olsen Does Twilight Victim Horror At 3rd Annual Art Of Elysium ‘Heaven’ Gala: In Pictures

KATY Perry and Russell Brand were the love birds at the 3rd Annual Art Of Elysium ‘Heaven’ Gala in Los Angeles, California. The gala aims to raise funds to put some colour in Ashley Olsen’s face, who arrived dressed as a Twilight extra one with the blood removed) trapped in Miss Haversham’s ruff. Other arriving for free dinks, included: Jessica Alba, Rashida Jones, Juliette Lewis, Elijah Wood, Kat Von D, Glenn Howerton, Rachel Bilson, Jamie Ray Newman, Mia Maestro, Sunny Mabrey, Ethan Embry, Jessica Szohr, Kate Bosworth, David Spade, Channing Tatum, Lolo Jones, Alicia Witt, Camilla Belle, Odette Yustman, Vanessa Shaw, Joy Bryant, Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Laila Ali, Jenna Dewan, Brittany Snow, Bryce Dallas Howard, Dita Von Teese and a fit looking Nicole Richie:


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Katy Perry and Russell Brand attend the 3rd Annual Art Of Elysium 'Heaven' Gala in Los Angeles, California.

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Brad Pitt’s Life Of Hell, Beer, Wine, Beards And Chips

brad-pitt1IN this week’s National Enquirer, news that Angelina Jolie is “DESTROYING” Brad Pitt, Justin Timberlake’s Rihanna-Biel “LOVE TRIANGLE” and “HOW NICOLE RICHIE LOST 14LBS IN 7 DAYS.”

Brad And Angelina En France:

News is that “BRAD’S FALLING APART”. He’s “bloated” and haggard” as he endures a “life of hell” with Angelina Jolie. He’s losing his looks and it’s “crushing his spirit.”

You can see just how crushed Brad is as he tours a Syrian camp for dispossessed Iraqis on his and Angelina’s Little Donkey Tour of the Middle East.

That’s Brad Pitt with the “unkempt Colonel Sanders-style beard”, the tatty chin with bits of chicken fat, coleslaw and gristle in the creases.

That beard keeps getting longer to hide Brad’s tall stack of chins. Can the chin hair grow in step with his chins? It’s the big talking point.

Meanwhile, back at the chateau, a game of hide and seek is being enacted:

“Brad’s answer to these problems has been to hide away with a bottle of wine and some beer, which is easy for him because the chateau is enormous and he can slip to the other side of the property and stay there for days on end. He’ll find himself some French cheese and meats and grab some olives, chips and other greasy goods. Then he washes it down with bottle after bottle of expensive wine and super-strong European beer, which is his favourite.”

It is a living hell.

Justin Timberlake, Rihanna and Jessica Biel

Rihanna’s people say that Justin Timberlake must end it with Jessica Biel if he is to have any chance to dating Rihanna, who Justin is not dating but might if he drops Jessica Biel.

Only if Timberlake stops dating Biel can he even think of dating Rihanna.

And what foes for Rihanna, goes too for Kirstie Alley, Madonna, Helen Shapiro, Sarah ‘Fergie’ Ferguson and Cheryl Cole…

Perspective With Mary Jo Eustace, Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling

Mary Jo has a new book out. It’s called Divorce Sucks. In it she speaks of her ex-husband Dean McDermott and how he and Tori hooked up:

“I guess I always knew that after the years of mini bombs, one day there would be a big, fat Hiroshima.”

After that, Mary Jo gathers herself to talk of a picture she saw of Tori with her legs raised about a prone Dean. And she delivers the bombshell:

“I will never feel the same way about cowboy boots again.”

And you thought there was only one way to think about cowboy boots.

Nicole Richie Slims Down

Did you know that Nicole Richie lost 14 pounds – in weight! -after giving birth to a baby that weighed 7lbs 14oz. Add on the attachments and the water and the breast feeding and the miracle is not that Richie lost weight but that she had any weight left to lose…

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DJ AM’s Funeral In Words And Pictures

dj-am2IN death so in life, the funeral service for DJ AM, aka Adam Goldstein, at the Hollywood Palladium featured a VIP entrance for the VIPs. In all, there were three entrances, one for family and VIPs and one for friends and one for fans.

Friends of the dead are not VIPs at the dead man’s funeral. Is your name on the list?

When someone young dies, there should always be a big crowd – for the young death still holds a macabre novelty, and the sheer number of survivors commands it.

And so they came to mourn: Nicole Richie, the ubiquitous Lindsay Lohan, sex tape-ologists Rebecca Gayhard, Eric Dane, Samantha Ronson, Robert Downey Jr., John Favreau, Nicky Hilton and John Mayer.

Not the dead John Mayer – the other one.

Says one onlooker:

“The crowd was very hip and eclectic, there were people dressed in smart black suits and people dressed in jeans and T-shirts. It was packed though, you could tell how well loved he was. It was a very sombre and sad crowd.”

Tautology is not dead. And while the sad and sombre mourners mourn, DJ AM’s girlfriend Haley Wood addresses the 3,500 faces.

“He was my soulmate and now he is my soul. He is my amazing grace.”

Pictures to follow…

Spotter: INO

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Nicole Richie To Name Son Michael Jackson Richie

6888989MICHAEL Jackson Watch: Michael Jackson & Me – Nicole Richie to name her new child after her dear, dear, dear friend the King of Pop. Michael would have wanted to live on in little boy. Anorak”s Man in the Hollywood Swamp looks on:

In the past four weeks, the competition to claim a connection to Michael Jackson has been nearly as stiff as his corpse.

Everybody who’s anybody has been rushing to the nearest television camera to talk about the time they so much as made eye contact with the King of Pop.

Enter Paris the Heiress Hilton, and frienemy Nicole Richie.

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Nicole Richie Gets The Hump

“TWIN BOYS FOR NICOLE RICHIE,” announces the Enquirer on its cover page.

Inside and Richie is “taking vitamins, eating… and designing maternity wear.”

This is how celebrities get pregnant. Nicole and her team of camel-faced fashionistas are “brainstorming about new ways to look chic with a bump.”

All that’s left to do is call Anorak’s Celebrity Baby Ordering And Star Treatment Service (BOAST).

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