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419 Scammers Cannot Do Photoshop: Brilliant Gallery The Nigerian Con Gone Wrong

THE Nigerian 419 scammers cannot do Photoshop. You’d think that being the Commander of the Imperial Forces of his Excellency etc… the Nigerian contact sitting on vast pile of cash would be able to hire a decent web designer. It turns out they like to do it themselves. People wise to the scam invite the scammers to pose for photos. These snaps will prove that they are persons of fine repute, elevated jobs and impeccable dress sense. Want to see some of the results


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The Nigerian Scam Artists Release A Greatest Hits Album – For Charity

THOSE Nigerian scam artist and their 419 caper have released an album of their greatest hits. And it’s all for charity!

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Nigeria Caught In Sony Playstation 299 Scam

THE new Sony advert for PlayStyation 3 has fallen foul of the good people of Nigeria, area code 419. In the ad, the Rumour Monger invites the corporate drone to confirm or deny the device’s low-low-low price of 299. Says the drone:

You can’t believe everything you read on the Internet. Otherwise I’d be a Nigerian millionaire by now.”

Nigeria stirs.

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