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Nightmares Fear Factory Photos: Friendships Tested In The Face Of Horror

THE Nightmares Fears Factory can be found in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. It’s a haunted house attraction. It is also a way of finding out what you and, more vitally, what your friends, lovers and family are made of. In this gallery of reactions to the scary you will learn if your man is a hero (picture 9) or a chocolate teapot (picture 2)? Is your good lady happy to sacrifice you to the gaping maw of hell (pictures 5 and 20? Do your friends see you as a prop to their own lives, a sacrificial victim for the greater good of ‘me’ (picture 7)? Or are they ready to bond with the horror (pictures 10 and 15)? If you want to see what they are reacting to, you can go to page 2:


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