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Watch John Peel Get Almost Decapitated On Noel Edmonds’ The Late Late Breakfast Show

BBC Radio DJs Noel Edmonds and John Peel feature in this 10 September 1983 clip from The Late, Late Breakfast Show. Edmonds is vying for control of the Beeb, so we can expect lots more of this kind of telly is he gets his hands on it.


noel edmonds stunt


Key moments to look out for:

0 mins 32 s:  John Peel almost has his head taken off.

0 mins 48 seconds: Noel’s “reassuring assurance”

Audience laughter.

1 min – 52 seconds – the Star Wars music keeps playing

2 mins 20s – next week: racing airplanes



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BBC To Be Replaced By Rolling Noel Edmonds


noel edmonds tv


NOEL EDMONDS will save the BBC from “inevitable disaster”. Yes, the man who gave us shaved Dave Lee Travis as Mr Blobby and who fronts Deal or No Deal will refuse to ever work for the corporation again. No. It’s something worse than that. The BBC will be replaced by rolling Noel Edmonds.

Can it be that former BBC Radio 1 DJ will get to run the entire corporation?

The BBC is renewing its charter in 2017. And Edmonds is ready. He writes in the Sunday Times:

“Forget renewing the current charter in 2016, an act as futile as giving medicine to a corpse.”

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1987 Photo: Mike Smith, Dave Lee Travis, Noel Edmonds And Mike Read Pimp Out Tony Blackburn

FLASHBACK to 30/09/1987: BBC Radio One Breakfast Show DJ Mike Smith (right) is joined by former presenters of the early-morning slot as the network celebrates its 20th anniversary. From left: Dave Lee Travis, Noel Edmonds, Tony Blackburn and Mike Read.

What happened next?

PA-15136731 (1)



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Charlotte Church In Noel Edmonds Horror Story: Pictures

CHARLOTTE Church “comforts herself with cigs and white wine”. So says Closer magazine.

Because, you see, before Charlotte and Gavin Henson split up she was teetotal and never smoked.

Having brought us the news (for £1.30) that Charlotte Church continues to smoke and drink despite break up, Closer tells us that she “secretly fears: ‘Who’ll have me now?’

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X Factor In Pictures: Alexandra Burke Storms The EU

X FACTOR: Alexandra Burke, last year’s show winner, continues her scramble to climb as high up the EU Celebrity Mountain before the quota laws* kick in.

* Under EU law all EU members states are allowed only 5 celebrities. Alexandra Burke will never top the UK’s Noel Edmonds, Leona Lewis, Simon Cowell, anyone from Hollyoaks and Kerry Katona, and will be forced to emigrate to Austria and sing-off against the country’s fifth most popular Nazi.

In the meanwhile, Alexandra Burke performs on stage during the Little Noise Sessions at the Union Chapel in London. In pictures:


Picture 1 of 9

Alexandra Burke performs on stage during the Little Noise Sessions at the Union Chapel in London.

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Peter Andre Heads Home To Australia

jungle-andre1LOOK out girls and gonads, Peter Andre is heading back into the ITV jungle studio, where the first laid hands on Katie Price.

The Star says:

“PETER Andre will make a sensational return to the I’m A Celebrity jungle to bury the ghosts of his past… He is determined that the jaunt Down Under will help mend his broken heart.”

Is this the same Peter Andre who has moved on? A source looks to set things straight:

“It’s going to be a ratings winner. The public loves Peter and they’d love nothing more than to see him back in the jungle.”

Indeed, sending Peter Andre back to a small brightly lit clearing in Australia is high on many music fans’ wish list. If we can achieve it with love, then let us do so. Peter, we love you. We really love you. We also love Noel Edmonds, Anthea Turner as we once loved Victoria Beckham and Madonna. Love is about letting go, Pete. That’s real love.

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Jennifer Aniston Is Pregant, Mel Gibson’s Hair Plugs And Michael Jackson’s Drugs Runner

jolie-pittNATIONAL Enquirer Tuesday: Angelina Jolie “explodes”, Jennifer Aniston is pregnant, Mel Gibson’s “hair plugs” and Michael Jackson’s drugs runner…


And the National Enquirer asks readers:

Is Jennifer [Aniston] having your baby?

This question might be pertinent. Over the past five years, Aniston’s womb has been the subject of much speculation in the Enquirer, it being possibly impregnated by a host of actors whose names are too long to list here.

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Noel Edmonds Marries His Box Number Three

7619028IN this week’s HELLO! magazine: Noel Edmonds marries Liz Davies via Cosmic Ordering…

“IT’S A DEAL – NOEL EDMONDS marries in intimate Cotswold ceremony”

No, not Mr Blobby. No gay marriage for our Noel, 60, who has instead opted for Box Number 3, Liz Davies, 40.

Wrapping his arm protectively round his bride, who looked radiant in an oyster satin wedding dress with a crystal-encrusted bodice”, Noel says he has found his “soulmate” at the third marriage of trying.

Liz was delivered to Noel by way of “Cosmic Ordering”, in which much aging TV presenters get to meet young make-up artists via the magic of a TV studio.

Cosmic ordering “embraces making your dearest wishes known to the cosmos, and then trusting them to come true.” Says a guest: “He put in an order to find the love of his life – and months later she appeared.”

Noel also ordered a white embroidered bishops gown and mitre for himself and the females guests were “all dressed as brides.”

Noel then killed a goat and smeared the blood on… Only joking, Noel. That wish has only just been posted to the Cosmos. It was a lovely do, taking in Noel playing back the film of him proposing to Liz, the one he took on his cosmic camera phone.

“All the guests went through every emotion during the reception,” says a “friend”.

There was delight, rage, anger, hatred, loathing, happiness, silliness, merriment, lust, disgust, awe, disappointment, sympathy and finally relief…

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Sky Viewers Pay For Noel Edmonds’ GCHQ

NOEL Edmonds has taken time out from his conversations with God to say he’d rather got to jail than pay his TV licence fee.

(Says one viewer of Deal Or No Deal: “Dead Anroak, I did not know that – 100% of FACT – One in every 10,000 boxes on Deal or No Deal says ‘Punch Noel Edmonds in the face.’”)

The Star says Edmonds already has one registered to his home address, so lags can rest easy.

Noel’s on Sky 1, infiltrating satellite dishes with his Noel’s HQ. It’s a version of his Noel’s House Party with the added blob of consumer advice and Noel telling us “the politicians have failed”. Now it’s Noel’s chance to rule the land.

It’s Noel’s GCHQ, and he’s listening.

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Murderers Wear Horror Masks And Blood To Aid Detection

IN “MONSTER’S BALL”, the Sun leads with news of “the sickest jail knees-up ever”. Eat your shepherd’s pie heart out, Jeffrey Archer.

This is “a horror-themed party for some of Britain’s most evil killers.”

Readers see a picture of the women of Holloway Prison’s Life Sentence Unit dressed as ghouls and vampires and monsters and devils and Noel Edmonds and more.

It’s the “slammer house of horror”, £500 Halloween party last year. The Sun calls the image “chilling”.

But it’s not.

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