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Norman St John-Stevas: his homosexuality and merchant banker

YESTERDAY, a friend of mine expressed a degree of shock when I passingly described the recently dead Norman St John-Stevas as ‘gay’ – what proof had I? I laughed. Now I see the grown-up Economist has got straight to the point in its excellent capsule obit: ‘Entering politics in the 1950s, St John-Stevas had little choice but to conceal part of who he was—a gay man—albeit beneath a carapace of campness, a form of hiding in plain sight. Today four Tory government ministers are openly gay.’

The Telegraph‘s entertaining obit heads in the right direction but then takes a deter into nudge-nudge-land: ‘He had a close friend who was a merchant banker, but claimed to be “celibate” or “chaste”.’ Ah, yes.

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Posted: 13th, March 2012 | In: Politicians | Comments (7)