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North Shields mum finds human poo at bottom of log flume, Bill Murray is away

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 20.30.02Justine Bell was at the Wet ‘n’ Wild in North Shields with 10-year-old daughter Millie Doughty.  She tells us:

“It was just so dirty. I went to pick my daughter up and there at the bottom of the flume was faeces. She nearly stepped in it. It was horrendous. We told a lifeguard and he just stood there grinning.”

It’s a good ride. Scary. But good.

The venue counters:

“We can confirm a customer reported to lifeguards that there was faeces on the floor next to the bottom of one of our flumes. The incident was reported to the supervisor and the faeces promptly cleaned up and the floor area disinfected. There was no indication that this had originated from inside the flume, and faeces was not found in the pool itself.”

The Bells have been offered a refund and family free entry on their next visit.

They’ll have to bring their own snacks.

Posted: 3rd, September 2015 | In: Reviews | Comment