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No Violence But Plenty Of Love, Fun And Sex At Notting Hill Carnival: A Daily Mail Nightmare In Photos

THE prospect of violence at the Notting Hill Carnival is exciting the Daily Mail to such a degree that it’s report on the first day’s festivities open thus:

The Notting Hill Carnival got off to a peaceful start today as Scotland Yard faces its biggest public order test since the London riots.

So says the wonderfully named Mail writer Chris Slack. His words appear below the headline:

Notting Hill carnival gets off to peaceful start despite ‘disruption chatter’ on social networks

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Sod Notting Hill’s Travel Bookshop It’s the Libraries That Want Saving

THE Travel Bookshop, on Blenheim Crescent, Notting Hill, London, which featured in the film Notting Hill, is for sale. But can it be saved?

The shop’s current owner, Simon Gaul, now lives not all that locally in  France (more nominative determinism). The Telegraph says his shop made a loss of £18,000 last year.

The Bookseller reports:

European Estates Plc has not responded to recent press enquiries from The Bookseller about the closure.

In May, a spokeswoman for the company said: “His [the owner’s] adult children have indicated that they would rather not follow him into the business and so he feels that the continuance of the trade would be best served by selling it on for a new generation to look after one of London’s iconic and special bookshops.”

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London Riots: Notting Hill Survivor Talks Of The Balkanisation

THE London Riots were scary for anyone in targetted by the goons. Notting Hill was hit. One local woman wants to tell her story to the Daily Mail. Mary Lu-Cole (yes, indeed, that is her actual name) recalls how her house was invaded by two hooded twats. She then delivers a line that almost defies comment:

“We have lived in Notting Hill since 1995 and, although there are council estates cheek by jowl with multi-million-pound houses here, I have never felt afraid.”

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