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Now The Taliban Ban Tinsel In Nuneaton

IN the Mail’s PC gone mad rant, readers learn of a Midlands Taliban banning tinsel. In our midst, man mullahs are killing our Great British tinsel. MacGuffin takes up the story:

THE latest ‘PC brigade ban Christmas’ nonsense comes in today’s Mail. The article comes with the headline: Tinsel Taliban strikes as Court Service ban staff from decorations to avoid offence because, obviously, people who allegedly want to ‘ban’ coloured lengths of cheap shiny plastic are just like the Taliban.

The story claims this: Tory Baroness Warsi has received an email from an admin worker at Warwickshire Justice Centre in Nuneaton who claims tinsel has been banned under the company diversity and equality police because it offends people of other religions. Namely Muslims.

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Posted: 19th, December 2009 | In: Reviews | Comment