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The Oxford Muslim child rape gang were brainwashed by Tory MPs and the liberal elite

oxford muslim gang

NEWS in the Times is that “Muslims across Britain joined together in an unprecedented show of unity yesterday when a sermon condemning the grooming and sexual abuse of children was delivered in hundreds of mosques”.

This is recognising a problem that the police and the liberal elite buried. It’s in response to the story of gangs of men, predominately of Pakistani heritage, raping underage white girls. This week, seven men were given lengthy prison sentences for raping six girls aged between 11 and 15. They doped the girls on booze and drugs before ordering them to perform sex acts. For their added pleasure, the men burnt, beat and used their victims as toilets.

Five of the men are of Pakistani origin. The other two hail from East Africa. The BBC notes:

The girls were mostly chosen because their unsettled or troubled lives made them easier to manipulate.

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The NSPCC Gherkin Step Challenge In Photos: With Pickled Stockbrokers

THEY came in their little shorts to run up London’s Gherkin building, in aid of the NSPCC Step Change event. The winner was George Green, who climbed 1037 steps in 5 minutes 27 seconds. This might be of interest to the seven pickled stockbrokers who got trapped in a lift after a night out eating wining and dining at the Roka Japanese eatery in Canary Wharf, east London. There are few toilets in a lift. Next time take the stairs…


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George Green is the first person to reach the finish line in 5 minutes 27 seconds, as over 500 people race up 1037 steps to the top of London's Gherkin building, in aid of the NSPCC Step Change event.

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