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Male Heart Patient, 60, Sues Hosptial For Sexual Assault By 33-Year-old Female Nurse

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TO Chicago, where 33-year-old registered nurse Rachel Shaper has been sacked for allegedly assailing 60-year-old patient John Cantone with “initiated unsolicited sexual relations, including intercourse”.

Shaper was sacked for “crossing professional boundaries with a patient.”

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Posted: 19th, September 2014 | In: Reviews | Comment

Man who faked brain damage tricked women to change his dirty nappy

TO Hooksett, New Hampshire, where Eric Carrier, 24,  has been charged with attempting to commit indecent exposure.

In 2011, Carrier was in the news for a similar matter. He pretended to be brain damaged and in no control of his bowel in an advert calling for carers to change his nappy. At least five nurses responded to the Craigslist advert and met Carrier and his soiled underwear.

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