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How Joe Cotton’s NUT Speech Was Spun To Promote An Agenda

JOE Cotton is the standard bearer for comprehensive schools. Everything he is and does is down to his comprehensive education. No, not despite of it. Because of it!

Well, so says the spin.

Autonomous Mind takes a closer look:

ONE of the stories of the day sections of the media are lapping up is that of a 15-year-old schoolboy who delivered a speech at the National Union of Teachers conference in Harrogate.  As usual the media fails its readers once again.

Joe Cotton from Calder High School in Yorkshire was given a standing ovation after his speech on the axing of the education maintenance allowance (EMA). The teenager urged the NUT to do all they could to keep education “affordable and accessible”, according to the BBC.

Good luck to the lad.  I don’t agree with his views about the EMA but I don’t take issue with him being motivated enough to stand up in front of 1000 delegates and speak his mind.  Someone I do take issue with however is the NUT general secretary, Christine Blower. After Cotton had finished speaking she took to the stage to congratulate him saying:

“Now that’s what comprehensive education can do.”


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Posted: 27th, April 2011 | In: Reviews | Comment