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Obama Not Assassinated After All, but the Hackers Are Going For Rupert Murdoch

MORE -err- jokes from the hacking community, as the Fox News Twitter account was hacked and posted four tweets informing the nation that Barack Obama had been assassinated.  

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Posted: 4th, July 2011 | In: Technology | Comment

Canada Laughs At Obama’s Assassination

obama_crosshairsTO Canada where the Barack Obama Death Cult has penned a skit on Canada’s public broadcaster.

The New Year’s Eve “Bye Bye” comedy program — shown by the French-language Radio Canada network — generated more than 200 complaints. In one segment, two hosts discussed Obama’s election in November 2008. Obama, who took office in January, is the first black U.S. president.

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Posted: 26th, May 2009 | In: Politicians | Comment