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School bus driver accused of stealing books died after drinking witch doctor’s potion to prove innocence

To Kenya, where where a school bus driver is proving his innocence to the charge of stealing books. He has accepted the witch doctor’s challenge: drink the brew and if you’re innocent, you will live.
The school’s directors in a village in Kisii County have hired the witch doctor to find the book thief.
Police chief Simon Kirag takes up the tale:
“The driver was dared … to prove his innocence by drinking the mixture. The 33-year old collapsed and died immediately after the drink. Furious villagers then took revenge on school leaders by torching the school bus and the deputy director’s house.”
Well, who needs a bus when you have no bus driver..?
Spotter: Arbroath

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How To Photograph Black-Eyed Children

THE BlackEyed Children (aka Black-eyed kids: BEKs) have been making news.

But how do you take a photo of a BEK or, indeed, any other kind of ghoul?

Well, thatnls to this 1979 tome from Usbourne Publishing, we know how to take snapshots of the SUPERNATURAL WORLD.


Screen shot 2014-10-10 at 17.17.20

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10 Regrettable Examples of 1970s Occult Lameness

THE OCCULTISM explosion which overtook North America and Europe in the 1970s ushered in a level of national fascination that is hard to understand if you weren’t there.  But, as with anything that experiences a surge in popularity, it becomes sabotaged by the Johnny-come-lately offerings riding the gravy train.  In the blink of an eye, the wild taboo becomes irredeemably cheesy.   Such is the territory we shall cover today…





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The X Factor: Satanism and Drug Animals

THIS year’s X Factor has been more a case of breaking up the commercials with as little actual programme as possible. This of course, means that we’re all in the mood for buying things rather than buying into the soap opera that is ostensibly WWE For Girls.

That’s not to say there haven’t been a whole heap of stories surrounding the contestants of the show.

For starters, it transpired that Lascel Wood had starred in a grot-flick and that Goldie Cheung was one big joke. And now, we’ve got an apparent anti-Satanist stance and mondo drug hoovering.

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