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Why the Occupy Movement never got its official cookbook

THE Occupy movement wanted to change the world. It had a name. It had maths (99% of us agree; although you might not have answered the survey). It had the food.

Cook and Occupy sympathiser Devra Gartenstein spotted a market for an official cookbook. The book – Cooking and recipe ideas for the 99%, by the 99% – would be a hit. Only, it never happened.

The Seattle Times notes:

It was difficult to figure out whether the book should be inexpensive or a coffee table novelty, how to split profits and whether there should be profits, and how it should be organized.

The future under the 99% Revolutionary Party might be a bun fight.

She adds:

“The Occupy Cookbook project ran into contradictions at every turn in part because the acts of preparing and serving food are so complicated, bringing so much joy and also carrying so much baggage. Cooking can be an art or a pleasure; it can also be sheer drudgery, a burden and an obligation. We all deserve to be fed but, in order for this to happen, someone has to be enlisted to feed us.”

To say nothing of the title of her blog: Pork and Gin. What percentage of the world is barred from eating pig and supping booze?

One her blog, Gartenstein notes:

I was hesitant to broach the subject of money. At first he said that he didn’t want anyone profiting from the project, then he conceded that he really would like to earn a bit of money because he was doing most of the work and still had to pay his own rent. I proposed an arrangement where eighty percent of the profit would go to the organization, ten percent would go to him, and ten percent would go to me. I was nervous about using the word “profit”.

But before you sneer, Gartenstein adds some perspective:

It’s tempting to draw conclusions about the entire movement based on my experience with a single individual, but I’d rather go in a different direction. I heard once that during the early, heady days of the French Revolution, the revolutionary state wanted citizens to dine together in the streets, but first they had to grapple with the question of who would actually serve the food in this egalitarian setting.

OK. You can sneer now…

Image: Occupy London protestors prepare lunch in the kitchen tent at the camp outside St Paul’s Cathedral in London, Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2011.

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1%er Doesn’t Make Much Of The Working Classes, Unsurprisingly: A Banker Speaks

OCCUPY Everywhere (it feels like ‘everywhere’ at the minute) continues, there’s not been too many words coming from the bankers. It seems they’ve been reluctant to speak.

That is, until now. One of the 1%ers has been caught on camera, looking at the protests and, unsurprisingly, he’s rather sniffy about it all.

He effectively tells the cameraman that no-one “great” ever came from the 99%, which is met with a couple of cheeky answers from the person filming events.

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Miley Cyrus Is The New Bob Dylan: Singer Worth $120m Patronises The 99% With Liberty Walk

THE Occupy Movement has created a huge amount of interest around the world. People are protesting against the super wealthy and getting pepper-sprayed right in the eye for their trouble. Like any protest movement, it needs a focal point. A leader. Someone with a song.

Naturally, in the past, we’ve had a myriad of protest singers like Pete Seeger, Woodie Guthrie and in later years to some extent, Bruce Springsteen and NWA. Not Bob Dylan. He didn’t give two hoots about the protesters unless they were buying his LPs and gig-tickets.

So who do we have now? Why, it’s Miley Cyrus! That’s right! She’s decided to soundtrack the Occupy Movement with one of those pop songs! It’s got sirens in it and positive messages AND EVERYTHING!

This neatly distracts everyone from her joke in which she told the world she was a massive stoner. Lucky her, with her salvia bong.

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Pregnant Woman Jennifer Fox Loses Baby After Altercation With Police ‘Food’ At Occupy Seattle

ACROSS the world, there’s been a myriad of protests under the Occupy banner. In Seattle, things have taken a rather dark turn of events.

One woman who was pepper-sprayed by Seattle police claims that, as a result of their actions, she has miscarried and lost her baby.

Talking to The Stranger, Jennifer Fox says:

“I was standing in the middle of the crowd when the police started moving in. I was screaming, ‘I am pregnant, I am pregnant. Let me through. I am trying to get out.'”

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From Occupy Leicester To Occupy Townsville: But All Eyes Are On Occupy Wall Street

QUESTION: If a place is occupied and the media does not report on it, is it actually occupied? Occupy Wall Street will get coverage, but what hope for some of the US franchisees?

We are peaceful citizens from all walks of life looking to occupy Townsville until change occurs

It’s going to be a long wait.

Also occupied:

Occupy Leicester.

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