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More Mel Gibson lunacy caught on tape! Still not keen on Jews, murder plot and thrilled at the death of Lennon

OKAY. Where do you start with Mel Gibson? His formerly glittering Hollywood career would be as good as anywhere, but all that’s been knocked into a cocked hat as he’s erupted back into our lives as a grade A nutjob. His ex, Oksana Grigorieva caught him on-tape, saying that he hoped she got raped by a pack of N-bombs and he allegedly said a load of tremendously anti-Semitic things to officers of the law.

And then he appeared in public with a beaver grafted to his arm. Yep, Mel Gibbo is as crazy as you can get, but, he’s learned his lesson right? WRONG! That’s because he’s at it again, yelling and reportedly giving it to the Jew both barrels.

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Posted: 19th, April 2012 | In: Celebrities | Comment