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Old Moore’s Tory Stargazer Predicts Prime Minister Nick Clegg For 2012

NICK Clegg could become Prime Minister one day, claims the astrologer in the new edition of Old Moore’s Almanack 2012. Oh, but hang on a minute. There’s also Theresa May to consider. She, too, is potential PM material according to a profile in the mag which unveils the year (and more) ahead, occasionally with startling accuracy.

I’ve long suspected that ‘Dr Francis Moore’ – the eponymous astrologer of the title, still going strong at 314 years-old – is a celestial right-winger who treats the bit between Thatcher’s fall and Cameron’s rise as a moral low in British history. Last year, he wrote enthusiastically of the Tory tide: ‘This is the beginning of a period that is going to be more difficult and very different to the freewheeling, destructive influences we have been enjoying for the past twenty years.’ He relished the return of ‘traditional, old-fashioned values of discipline, respect andresponsibility [his italics]…largely missing for twenty years.’ Oddly, profilgate bankers played no part in our bankruptcy; and anyone might think Tony Blair had not been a right-wing wealth-lover.

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Posted: 1st, July 2011 | In: Politicians | Comment