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Twitter Passwords Banned List: Nicholas, Oliver, Broncos And Chelsea

ashley-cole-banned-twitter1TWITTER has released a list of passwords that it’s members are banned from using. The list is a mixture of the obvious and the creators’ own prejudices. Banned words include the sports teams Chelsea, Broncos and Packers, and such names as Nicholas, Anthony, Ashley and Oliver, and Ferrari. Anyone who uses those as passwords is a fool and shunned by Twitter, and, preferably, decent society. Imaginative swear words are encouraged.

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Posted: 28th, December 2009 | In: Technology | Comment

Gary Glitter Teaches GCSE Students How To Sparkle

GLITTER remains on open sale, Glitter bins lurk in our parks and on our pavements and now to compound the madness Gary Glitter is to be studied by GCSE students.

And not students of crime, rather students in music.

“OUTRAGE,” screams the Sun’s own leader. “OUTRAGE,” echoes the Mail. “OUTRAGE,” screams the chorus.

Readers see a list of songs approved for study by the Assessment and Qualification Alliance exam board.
Says one deputy headmaster – “a dad of two”:

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