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I Was Olly Mur’s Brother: Ben Murs On How The X Factor Killed A Family

OLLY Murs, the X Factor Robbie WiIliams impressionist, has “WRECKED OUR LIVES”. So says his family.

It’s the News of the World’s front-page news. Following the Sun’s chat with Murs, readers now get an “X Factor exclusive”.

In the bid to make Olly Murs a stars (he has a record out soon), we get to hear from “angry” Ben Murs-Hart. Olly’s twin borther. It’s hard to tell the two apart because neither of them has had a hit record nor played football in Robbie Williams’ garden. But one of them has shagged at last 30 women and the one of them is front-page news.

No word on Ben’s shag tally, but he is “choking back tears” as he tells us:

“The show has torn our family apart.”

Ben says Olly skipped his wedding last year to sing in the X Factor semi-final. We learn:

“Something was missing and that was Olly. It’s clear people like Simon Cowell are more important to him than me.”

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X Factor: Will Shagger Olly Murs Ever Get To Play With Robbie Williams?

THE X Factor is due to crash onto your TV screens soon and that means it’s time to find out what happened to last season’s runner-up Olly Murs, blonde Robbie Williams tribute act Olly Murs.

The Sun’s Gordon Smart says Murs has the “winning formula”, is a “star” and had an “incredible year”. (The hermetically sealed snow globe?)

X Factor: Olly Murs Look-Alike Gallery‎

Murs has had good pop songs and hits? No. But he has shagged more women than Nick Clegg – “at least thirty”.

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Katie Price On Olly Murs And Spurs At Danielle Lloyd’s Engagement: Pictures

7921865AT Danielle Lloyd’s engagement party to Jamie O’Hara (pictures), Katie Price arrived.

Danielle Lloyd (NSFW)

The Sun says Katie was “chatting up X Factor loser Olly Murs AND Spurs winger Aaron Lennon”.

Only the other day Katie was being linked to Spurs player Jermain Defoe. Either Katie’s looking for Lennon to assist her by knocking the ball into the box for Defoe to score with a tap in, or else it’s all just talking balls. As for Olly Murs, well, Gareth Gates was never the same after his dealings with Jordan.

Katie Price’s Career As Jordan (NSFW)

And hold on a moment – isn’t Katie dating Celebrity Big Brother’s walking Toffee Crisp Alex Reid?

Says the Sun, factually:

Alex is in Celebrity Big Brother and has no idea he has been dumped. He calls Jordan – real name Katie Price – his “soulmate”.

As the Daily Star says, just as factually:

Imogen Thomas And Danielle Lloyd’s Premiership League Table

GRUMPY glamour girl Kate Price is terrified lover Alex Reid will dump her when he leaves the house.

The lonely model has been obsessively watching every minute of Alex’s time on Celebrity Big Brother and reading every story about him.

And the flirting?

Katie Price At Danielle Lloyd’s Engagement Party: In Pictures

Kate glammed up in a tight purple minidress, but sources say she was unusually sullen and was not even knocking back the booze.

Such are the facts.

Danielle Lloyd (NSFW)

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Olly Murs And Stacey Solomon Get A Boat: In Pictures

THAT’S Stacey Solomon and Olly Murs sat on a new Sunseeker yacht at the London International Boat Show, at the Excel centre in east London. It is. It really is. Given Olly’s slippery poo dance, a boat might be the best place for him to be. But needs must. The narrative is that Olly and Stacey are to be forever entwined as a love duet. During the X Factor, we were invited to wonder if Olly and Stacey were or weren’t. They weren’t. They aren’t. And they won’t. Last time they were together in public Olly and Stacey were in an hermetically sealed snow globe ready to be shipped to the EU Celebrity mountain. They escaped. And they have a boat:


Picture 1 of 13

Stacey Solomon and Olly Murs launch a new Sunseeker yacht, at the London International Boat Show, at the Excel centre in east London.

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Olly Murs Misses Robbie Williams And Was Out When Simon Cowell Called

olly-robbieOLLY Murs was going to best mates with his X Factor buddy Robbie Williams. Olly moved like a men skidding on wet poo and did his best to sing. He was gonna be huge. Robbie invited Olly to play football with him. And while Robbie went out to find about 20 players and some officials, Olly got in touch with his new pal:

In Pictures: X Factor’s Robbie Williams Busks For Apple And Tours WIth Olly Murs

“I’m a bit disappointed Robbie hasn’t been in touch. I texted him to say Happy New Year and congratulations on getting engaged but heard nothing back.”


“His phone must be dead.”

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In Pictures: X Factor’s Robbie Williams Busks For Apple And Tours WIth Olly Murs

ONWARDS and upwards for Robbie Williams after his X Factor duet with contagious Olly Murs. Says Olly: “I’d love to work with Robbie more – maybe a Christmas duet next year!” Generous stuff from the X Factor runner up who danced like a man skidding on a wet dog poo. Says Olly Murs: “He wants me to go to his house in LA after the X Factor tour. He’s got a football pitch in his garden and wants me to come over and play football with him.” Last night Robbie Williams went to find another 21 faces, a ref and two linesmen as he busked at the Apple shop in Regent’s Street. It’s a start but with Olly’s help Robbie can recover from the X Factor:


Picture 1 of 15

Images may be published for one time editorial use only and in context with the show only. The images must not be published after 17th February 2010. Robbie Williams performing at the Apple Store on Regent Street, central London.

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The X Factor Does Gastwick In Photos: Stacey Solomon And Olly Murs Are Trapped In A Snow Globe

THE sky’s the limit for X Factor finalists Stacey Solomon and Olly Murs – or, rather, the Gatwick Airport is. Anorak spotted, Stacey and Olly launching The Gatwick Factor, a singing competition at London Gatwick Airport, helping to raise money for Great Ormond St Hospital and giving passengers the chance to win a holiday to see the Northern Lights in Norway, or a Russian missile spiralling out of control. Hey, it’s free. This is what happens to X Factor losers – they are placed in plastic bubbles and encouraged to sing until the oxygen of publicity runs out. They are then deported to a silo in Belgium. Then they wait for the phone to ring…


Picture 1 of 13

Stacey Solomon and Ollie Murs launch The Gatwick Factor, a singing compeition at London Gatwick Airport, helping to raise money for Great Ormond St Hospital.

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X Factor Winner Joe McElderry Records Duet With Cheryl Cole

joe-the-climbX FACTOR: Joe McElderry beats Olly Murs to win the top telly talent show and to him the spoils. Christmas is coming, so Joe is a certainty to score the Christmas number 1. Next time you see Joe he’ll covered in twinkling fairy lights and smiling in a snow globe. Anorak rounds-up the papers:

The Sun (front page): “TINSELTOON – Simon’s £5m Hollywood plan for Joe

Is the real prize of winning the X Factor a one-way ticket out of South Shields? A wrench to leave his home but Geordie Joe – the UK’s Joe-nas Brother – will be well rewarded. That’s five million pounds. As the Daily Mail says on its front page:

“Joe’s £1million X Factor moment”.

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X Factor Final Live Blog: Joe McElderry Wins, Olly Murs Lose Gracefully

THE X Factor Final Live Show: Joe McElderry wins. Here’s how he did it. Newests news first.

Final Proud Watch of the X Factor series: Cheryl is proud of Joe. Joe just looks stunned and elated.

Cheryl and Danniii air kiss. Britain gets its own Jonas Brother. Any more like you at home, Joe? Simon’s just wondering? Rachel whatsherface grabs the mic.

Joe WINS!!!!! And here is debut single. Look! Buy! Look!!!!

The lines are closed. The cash is being counted. Your mum is going TO KILL YOU when the phone bill comes.

George Michael sings a dull song dressed in those Minder indoor sunglasses used and abused car dealers wear. Sir Paul Macca appears.

Return to see Cheryl Cole crying. What the **** did Cowell say to her?!

Then Olly and Joe are ready to sing The Climb, a Miley Cyrus song. It’s pretty dull. But Joe wins. Joe is walking on clouds. Behind him is host of white-clad singers. What can it all mean? It’s moving. Your writer moves to the coffee machine, literally.

Leona Lewis is dressed as a goldfish.

Proud Watch II: Simon is “proud” of Olly and Joe.

Proud Watch: Simon Cowell is “proud” of Joe – “literally”.

Joe sings Don’t Stop Believin‘ by Journey. To be picky, Joe is not a great walker. But he way better than Olly at singing. Joe wins.

Olly sings Twist And Shout. Olly dances like a City broker on a patch of black ice. Grandma will like this one. Olly reminds one of Antoak’s writers of Vinnie Jones singing Wolly Bully. Says what you like about the singing, but Olly does good stairs. Walking up stairs on stage is not easy.

Fashion Note: Louis Walsh is dressed like an extra from The Waltons.

Fashion Note II: For those fo you watching in black and white Michael Underwood’s outfit is bright.

Olly and Joe are dressed in white. Can Godspell have two leads? All the other losing finalists are dressed in black. It’s all deeplty meaningful.

BEFORE the X Factor final – and Joe McElderry’s victory, and Olly Murs’ good sportsmanship – Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy are seen backstage at the X Factor final, and then taking their seats for the show proper at the Fountain Studios in Wembley, north-west London. Should Harry and Chelsy marry? Should they live in sin? We need a public vote…


Picture 1 of 17

Stacey Solomon leaves the X factor final at Fountain Studios in north London.

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X Factor Live Final Blog: Stacey Solomon Is Out

x-factor-duetsX FACTOR live blog: Joe McElderry, Olly Murs and Stacey Solomon are until Monday the Future Of Pop Music. But Stacey is is out.

Highlights of the night are:

* Dermot saying that “in no particular order the second act through to the live final is…”

* Joe looking like a mini George Michael as they duet on Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me. George is wearing those glasses you used to see car dealers wear in episodes of Minder.

* Olly singing Angels with his older version: Robbie Williams, who sings out of step with the lyrics. Olly then appears with all the dancers dressed in Dannii Minogue’s hair.

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X Factor: Stacey Solomon Gets Cabbaged And Joe McElderry Pulls

jedwards-look-alikesX FACTOR Watch: It’s the final weekend of the X Factor. Who wins: Disney character and granny-magnet Joe McElderry, hyperventilating Stacey Solomon or twitchy itchy dancer Olly Murs, the man whose name is contagious – literally? Look out for Olly’s impression of David Brent in a lift.

Geordie Joe McElderry will perform with George Michael. Wake Me up After You Joe Joe. Everyone else gets Jedward.

Jedward wins!

He is lining up a series of deals. Louis said: “They will be millionaires by the end of next year. TV, modelling endorsements, gigs, books, hair, pop music…they’ll be huge.” – Mirror

Amanda Holden Is Coller Than A Wasabi Enema

Amanda tells us: “I’m really hoping Joe will win. There is nobody out there on the market for 10 to 21-year-olds and fits the bill perfectly – Mirror

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X Factor: Dirty Joe McElderry And Stacey Solomon Duets With Amy Winehouse

stacey-solomon-performance-1-51X Factor Watch: Just a few days to go until the Joe McElderry, Olly Murs and Stacey Solomon begin the gentle slide down the showbiz plughole. And that means there are just a few days to go for actual singers and celebs to remind you what they are alive and working.

Here’s Mitch Winehouse, father to one-album wonder Amy Winehouse telling the viewer of his Showbiz Rant telly show:

“Amy loves Stacey Solomon, especially after that business with her being called a wedding singer. Did you know that the week before last, Amy did a wedding so what is she, she’s a wedding singer as well! So there’s nothing wrong Stacey with being a wedding singer.”

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X Factor In Pictures: Fans’ Tattoos Of Joe McElderry, Olly Murs And Stacey Solomon

RIGHT now X Factor finalists Joe McElderry, Olly Murs and Stacey Solomon are dreaming of the day they truly arrive in music and join such legends as Alice Cooper, Shania Twain (right leg), Anastascia (love handles), The Corrs (back), Suzie Quatro (right leg) and Ozzy Osborne (wherever you like, Oz) and get their likenesses tattooed on Steve Porter living wall poster. Dream on…


Picture 1 of 7

Steve Porter shows signed tattoos of singer Anastascia (bottom) and Irish band Corrs (top).

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Next Year’s X Factor Winner Revealed In Pictures

ANORAK was there to see X Factor finalists Olly Murs, Joe McElderry and Stacey Solomon leaving the Fountain Studios in Wembley, London. Cameras were raised. The flash was set to “stun”. Pictures were taken. And then we looked at them. They reveal much. The eyes have it. Danyl Johnson’s do not. We’re ready for our close ups, Mr Cowell. Trussssst in me…

Red eye Joe McElderry

Picture 1 of 11

Red eye Joe McElderry

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X Factor: What Joe McElderry Fears, Lucie Jones Naked And A Fight

x-factor-hugX FACTOR: Danyl Johnson is departed. The greatest microphone juggler in the business is no more. Olly Murs, the man with the name that’s as contagious as his itchy dancing, Lucie Jones naked, dull Joe McElderry and Carry On X Factor Stacey Solomon go on. The news round-up:

The Sun (front page): “XSTATIC – Olly, Stacey and Joe in final as Danyl dumped”

Daily Star (front page): “X FACTOR STARS’ FIGHT NIGHT – Signers at war as cocky Danyl is booted”

War! Is there much blood? The Star:

Nerves were really playing havoc with them all. There was a lot of bickering

The War of Bickering, eh. It’s brutal stuff. Want to hear what “cocky” Danyl says?

“I might have gone out in the semi-final but I’ve gone out to some of the best people I’ve ever met. I’m looking forward to spending time with my friends and family and hopefully I’ll get a couple of gigs if anyone wants to come along.”

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X Factor: Danyl Johnson Is Out, Cheryl Cole Must Be Pleased

danyl-johnson4X FACTOR: It’s the X Factor semi-final, featuring nice Joe McElderry, twitchy Olly Murs, gasping Stacey Solomon and Cheryl Cole-inspired hate figure Danyl Johnson.

Which act is the least average? It’s going to be very close. Before the result, Lady Gaga sings Bad Romance in the manner of an aged Madonna gingerly getting out the bath.

Janet Jackson does some trademarked Michael Jackson moves and sings something familiar-ish. Dermot O’Leary does not interview her, so no need to mention Michael Jackson.

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X Factor: Comatose Joe McElderry, Danyl Johnson Kills Polar Bears And Olly Murs Itches, Literally

joe-x-factorX Factor: Joe McElderry makes us think, Danyl Johnson kills polar bears, Olly Murs twitches the itches and Stacey Solomon gets religious. Those performances, in order:

Olly Murs – Can You Feel It?

Olly is dressed like he’s off to the cricket club dinner. He signs a song in which the backing signers ask “Can you Feel It?” over and over and over while Olly fingers his white suit. He then dances like a pair of chicken drummers strapped to a cross trainer. He’s the worst of the night, and he’s only first up.

Joe McElderry – She’s Out Of My Life

Joe is dull. He looks neat. He sings neat. He dances neat. Even his teeth and hair are neat. Joe is a shoo-in to play the lead in Joseph And his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. Dull.

Stacey Solomon – The Way You Make Me Feel

Stacey is likeable. She wears a hat indoors. People who wear a hat indoors are either deeply religious or ready to kill someone. Stacey might be both. She straddled the furniture on stage and looked pretty good.

Danyl Johnson – Man In The Mirror

This paean to vanity is chosen by Simon Cowell. Behind Danyl there are polar bears sat on small lumps of ice as if they’re trying to melt it with their body heat. Vote for Danyl and a polar bear dies. Vote now and vote often. Polar bears are bad news.

Olly – We Can Work It Out

Olly Murs moves like someone’s poured itching powder in his knickers. The song is bouncy and forgettable. Olly is in trouble. But he does give hope that if he wins any dad can dance like a popstar – so long as that popstar is Olly Murs.

JoeOpen Arms

He sings Open Arms, as sung by Journey. As Joe sings, Anorak starts thinking of those polar bears and if they know that there are now more popular in the media than panda bears. Do polar bears gloat at the big bear get-togethers? Then I come round and Joe has finished singing.

Stacey – Somewhere

Best of the night. Stacey is allowed to mention her son. She’s through.

Danyl – I Have Nothing

Danyl through.

Stacey Though.

Joe through.

Olly out…

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In Pictures: X Factor’s Olly Murs, Stacey Solomon, Joe McElderry And Danyl Johnson In Secret London Gig

ANORAK’S woman with a pass was in Soho, London, to see the X-Factor finalists Olly Murs, Joe McElderry, Stacey Solomon and Danyl Johnson performing at the gig billed as “secret”. It was secret if you hadn’t been invited, in which case it was top secret. We had been invited. And here are the pictures of the X Factor agonists who by next months you’ll be struggling to remember…

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X Factor: Rihanna’s Sharon Stone Impression, Simon Cowell’s Slip, Alicia Keys’ Talent And Lloyd Daniels’ Walk

alicia-keys1X FACTOR results show: with aerated Stacey Solomon, contagious Olly Murs, Danyl Johnson with a ‘y’, ‘young Cliff Richard’ Joe McElderry and non-dancing, barely singing Lloyd Daniels.

“Don’t feel like dancing,” they sang. Danyl Johnson danced. Olly Murs danced. The others took the song as a confessional.

The show needs more padding than Simon Cowell’s face now there are only five singers left, so we get lots of walk and talk pieces to camera from the judges. Joe seems the favourite. But who goes?

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X Factor: Jedward, John & Edward Grimes, Are Voted Out At Last

befksnwmkkgrhquokjseq5tokycvbk7zjwyq_12X Factor: Jedward, John & Edward, Are Voted Out. They are booed by the crowd.

The X Factor loses another warbling wannabe. And it’s Jedward.

The Duracell Gonks are in the sing off with Olly Murs, the man with a name like a contagion. They are toast. They are on their way to becoming a footnote in a TV history, a pub quiz question.

Jedward are two untalented, precocious, hard to like, over-exposed singing gonks who are part of a sick TV experiment to see what point Simon Cowell’s powers of deception wane and the masses rub their eyes and realise they are being served up crap.

C owell and Louis Walsh are like Mortimer and Randolph Duke in Trading Places, playing with people for entertainmnt.

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X Factor Live: Jedward Do Jive Bunny, Olly Murs Is The Man And Danyl Johnson Is Careless

6753456X Factor Live Blog: It’s Wham! Week. John and Edward, Danyl Johnson, Stacey Solomon, Jedward, Joe McElderry, Lloyd Daniels and contagious Olly Murs?

1. Lloyd Daniels – You’ve Got To Have Faith.

Lloyd needs faith because he doesn’t have a prayer of winning. Should have sung Wake Me Up Before You GoGo. A does of self-depracating humour might have saved him.

Damned by hard to like Louis Walsh: “I love everything except he voice Lloyd, I think you’re a real little pop star though.”

2. Stacey SolomonI Can’t Make You Love Me

Is she getting blonder?

X Factor: Stacey Solomon Look Alike Gallery. She’s through to next week’s show.

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X Factor: Jedward Porn Shocker As Olly Murs Seduces Stacey Solomon

jedward-pornX Factor Watch: Jedward watch porn, almost strangled, Stacey Solomon saved by love-struck Olly Murs, Danyl Johnson sings and Lloyd Daniels is in the running.

Can you link these two X Factor stories on Jedward – the John and Edwards Grimes double act?

Daily Star (front page): “Our Hell: Stress is too much”

TERRIBLE twins John and Edward Grimes are cracking up because of the backlash against them.

News of the World (front page): “Jedward caught watching porn”

Simon cracks down on flings, rows and Jedward ogling porn

In other unrelated news:

RHYDIAN: “’Get a grip Danyl’”

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X Factor: Olly Murs Kisses Stacey Solomon And Lily Allen Throws Punch For Cheryl Cole

olly-murs-stacey-solomon1X FACTOR Watch: Olly Murs is dating Stacey Solomon while ogling Dannii Minogue’s bum, Cheryl Cole and Ashley’s nightmare and Lily Allen throws a punch for Cheryl Cole…

The X Factor round-up:

Daily Mirror (front page): “OLLY LOVES ME”

Olly Murs and Stacey Solomon are an item. So says the Mirror:

Their outrageous flirting has become the talk of the show – and everyone agrees they make a lovely couple. Especially after it was revealed that X Factor rivals Stacey Solomon, 19, and Olly Murs, 25, have just shared their first kiss.

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Peter Andre ‘Dates’ X Factor Singer Stacey Solomon

grope-11WANT to read about Peter Andre’s “movie date” with X Factor hopeful Stacey Solomon?

In OK! magazine, you can. What’s more, the magazine has the “FIRST EVER PICTURE”.

This is a front-page exclusive. And we begin our journey through a magazine in hunt the X Factor starlet and Mr Katie Price, as was.

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X Factor: Danyl Johnson ‘Touches’ Olly Murs and Lucie Jones’ Sex Life

lucie-jonesX FACTOR: It’s Ex-week in the tabloids, as the X Factor singers’ former loves tells all, featuring the exes of Joe McElderry, Cheryl Cole and Lucie Jones, plus Dannii Minogue’s womb and Danyl Johnsons on Olly Murs skin, literally…

Olly Murs and Danyl Johnson are getting close, allegedly:

Daily Mirror: “Essex boy OLLY MURS is complaining about gay Danyl’s over-friendly “‘touchyfeeliness’ in the house.”

Is Olly’s Essex-ness relevant to his views on “gay” Danyl? Who is Olly complaining to? Anyone smell homophobia? Lots to investigate. Is Jan Moir free to help? In any case, Olly is spoken for:


Busty glamour girl Chantelle Houghton says she fancies the pants off the cheeky chappy.

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