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On Jews, Israel, Organs, Alder Hey, Jordan, Galloway, Mengele And Anti-Semitism

galloway1IN Israel, pathologists removed body parts from dead Israelis and Palestinians in the 1990s. The scandal was reported on Israeli TV. George Galloway has spotted the story. Before we get to his blog in the Daily Record, you may recall the scandal at Alder Hey Children’s hospital where organs from hundreds of babies who had died between 1988-1996 were harvested.

George Galloway compares the giongs on in Israel to the…Holocaust. The practise has now stopped. No-one was killed for their organs. And all bodies were treated equally, irrespective of race.

Still less of anyone being held accountable for playing mini-Mengele on Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

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Posted: 29th, December 2009 | In: Reviews | Comment