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‘Stolen’ Denbighshire Vase Sells For £228,000 At Auction: But Who Owns It And Gets The Money?

ANDREA Calland sold an “ugly” old vase at auction for £228,000. The object d’art with a reserve of £500 turned out to be a Chinese antique. She was amazed and delighted.

Happy days.

But things have gone badly for Miss Callan. She must pay £190,000 to her ex-partner’s mother, one Evelyn Galloway, 74, of Tan-y-Bryn, near Ruthin, Denbighshire.

It wasn’t Calland’s to sell. Mrs Galloway only learnt her vase had been sold for loadsa money when she read about it in the paper. She called the police. They took no action. So Mrs Galloway sued.

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Posted: 17th, November 2011 | In: The Consumer | Comment