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Book of The Day: Cooking With Poo

BOOK of the Day: Cooking with POO.

In Thailand, Saiyuud Diwong’s book “Cooking with Poo” is a hit. In Thai “poo” means “crab”, For reasons unspecified, Poo is also Diwong’s nickname.

It’s funny how one word can mean something so different in another language or time. For instance, in 14th Century Albanian, Jamie Oliver is a ‘gonad tongue’, a “term of endearment”.

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Children’s Book Of The Week: A Guide To Bottoms

JON Klassen’s book I Want My Hat Back, Adam Mansbach’s guide to f**king good parenting and now…the children’s guide to bottoms and what goes out of them. (For a guide to what goes in them, see here.)

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James Oliver’s Great Britain Was Made In…Germany

JAMIE Oliver’s latest Great British book about Great British food called Jamie’s Great Britain – taking in a Great British TV show – and priced in Great British pounds was printed in…Germany!

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Jonathan King’s Autobiography 65 My Life So Far Defies Censorship

I AM  delighted to see that Jonathan King’s autobiography 65 My Life So Far hit No1 on the Amazon Kindle pop culture chart. This is amazing given the near-universal attempt to edit our tastes by our nation’s media by ignoring the intriguing tome. Thanks to Madame Arcati’s review and that of Roger Lewis’ in The Lady, however, and a little PR by the author himself, and… well, success!

You don’t have to be signed up to the JK Fan Club to appreciate his priceless anecdotes about bisexual John Lennon and sooo many other stars he worked and (well) hung out with. Despite the BBC’s best efforts to delete him from public record there’s no denying his huge contribution to pop culture, for better or worse.

The Madame’s review:

Oh, JK! How could you? Or rather, how could you not?

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