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by | 19th, July 2002

‘YOU’VE insured your house, your car, your cat and your complete collection of The People’s Friend Yearbook. But have you insured your home against ghosts?

Ultraviolet, a Bristol-based insurance company, is happy to do so, and who can blame them? The policy is called Spooksafe policy, and it will pay out up to £100,000 for death, injury or damage to personal affects caused by a ghost or poltergeist. It also includes visitors from outer space.

Ultraviolet will also insure people against being changed into a vampire or werewolf, with a pay-out of £1 million if someone can medically prove they have been transformed.

The firm has already paid out £100,000 on one policy, after a woman who died when she was thrown over the banister in her home. Simon Burgess, chief underwriting officer at the group, said: ‘We had a specialist firm of investigators look into it and they were convinced that a ghost was responsible.’

Most clients have been in the California, not surprisingly.’

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