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Caine Mutiny

by | 22nd, July 2002

”WILLIAM Hickey meets Michael Caine. Again and again and again and again…’ Thus spake John Cooper Clarke a quarter century ago, in his seminal work, (You’ll Never See A Nipple In) The Daily Express.

‘My name is Sir Michael Caine – and no-one likes me’

And upon buttering our toast and sipping our tea from a bone china cup, we pick up the Daily Express dated 22 July, to discover, on Page 7 … Michael Caine.

And once again, the Express lends a sympathetic ear, with its Caine-in-a-nutshell headline: ‘Everyone hates me for being a success, but I don’t mind.’

Yet even the Express is finding Michael’s routine a little difficult to take, what with him being a knight of the realm and being regularly voted at the top of the popularity polls in the land of his birth.

Not only that, but three of his films were voted the ‘coolest’ of all time by what the Express describes as the ‘younger generation’.

It all makes his claims that he was resented for his working class origins a little hard to swallow.

The paper quotes Caine’s biographer William Hall, who is ‘disappointed’ by this latest outburst.

‘I’m amazed he’s still mentioning this,’ says Hall. ‘I certainly thought he had got it out of his system at the Baftas and, frankly, if the knighthood didn’t settle it I don’t know what will.’

First President of the Republic of England might do it, we humbly suggest.

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