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We Dunnae Ken

by | 22nd, July 2002

‘AS Parisians burn, Scots simmer. From the dry side of a pac-a-mac, Scotland’s beaches are every bit as welcoming as the rolling sands of Bahrain or Paris, yet oddly the Scots still fail to seduce holidaymakers to their shores.

Angus was ostracised by the group after it was discovered he was wearing boxers

And it may have something to do with the language they employ. Despite the best efforts of the likes of Robbie Burns and Rab C Nesbitt, the Scottish dialect is going down the shunky.

The Times reports that to the consternation of some Scots MPs, signs at the new Scottish Parliament will be written in the received English dialect.

All signs at the building in Holyrood, Edinburgh, are to be printed in English, Gaelic and Braille.

Oot go ‘Nae waey oot’, ‘Dinna blether please’, and ‘Debaitin chaumber’ and in come ‘exit’, ‘silence please’ and ‘debating chamber’.

Irene McGugan, a SNP MSP, says the move is in breach of the European agreement on minority languages.

‘Scots is one of Scotland’s indigenous languages and is entitled to equal rights, alongside Gaelic and English,’ she says.

She wished the visiting Sheikh well (‘May yer lums reek lang and weil’), revealed her plans for the rest of the day (‘Am gonna redup noo an’gaw fera bevy’) and gave the Times’ journalist in Scotland, the wonderfully named Shirley English, a lesson in Scottish affection.

Kiss, kiss.

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