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by | 22nd, July 2002

‘OMIGOD! Omigod!! Omigod!!! Yes, we have been treated to the collected thoughts of Kate in the Sunday omnibus.


Jade ripped her trousers. ‘Omigod!’ exclaimed Kate, holding her hands to her face.

Jonny and Jade got into the egg task tunnel (if you don’t know what that is, don’t ask) and swapped clothes against the clock. Then it tipped over. ‘Omigod, that must’ve hurt!’ exclaimed Kate again.

Something else happened. ‘Omigod, I’m such a blonde!’ she exclaimed.

‘We are about to go live on Channel 4,’ announced Davina. ‘No swearing, please.’ ‘Omigoodness!’ exclaimed Kate.

Kate’s consistency may yet be her undoing, the BB psychiatrist warned.

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