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Nasty Nick Nicked

by | 23rd, July 2002

‘UNLIKE most British villains – the Krays, Frankie Fraser, Kenneth Noye, John Palmer – Nicholas van Hoogstraten scores some big points at scrabble.


It is a pity that he didn’t stick to playing scrabble as this morning the papers celebrate the end of a life of crime for the multi-millionaire property developer.

The Sun tells how the ‘£500m killer’ swapped his palace for a prison last night after being found guilty of hiring two hitmen to bump off a rival. And the Mirror expects the man it dubs ‘Britain’s most evil landlord’ to receive life behind bars when he is sentenced in October.

It tells how he used killing, blackmail, intimidation and extortion to build up a huge fortune, with ‘a crooked CV that included beatings, jury nobbling, a fire-bombing and even a grenade attack’.

But it is his views on ginger people that really upset Mirror reporter David Edwards (who, you will no doubt have guessed, is a carrot-top himself). ‘He dismissed people with ginger hair – such as myself – as ‘anarchists’,’ Edwards writes in horror.

Well, anyone who watched Big Brother Tim’s constant flouting of the rules and saw him urging his fellow inmates to tear down the rich-poor divide will know there is some truth in Nasty Nick’s opinion.

Admit it, David – even you have thought about crossing the street without waiting for the green man, haven’t you?

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