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Madame’s Newest Girl

by | 24th, July 2002

‘PART of the cavalcade of fun enjoyed by the hard-partying refugees involves a trip to Madame Tussaud’s.

Kylie begins to melt under the heat of the museum lights

‘Dear mother,’ writes Yuri on the back of a photograph of himself and David Beckham, ‘England is fantastic. I have new friends (see reverse) and am happy.’

Yuri might then send another snap to his pals, the lads back in the village. ‘This is me with my new girlfriend. She, like me, is an immigrant to this wonderful country. Her name is Kylie.’

At first glance, Kylie appears to have fallen in with a bad lot, conjuring up money by turning tricks with her foreign body. And thanks to the front pages of the Star and the Sun, Britishers who can’t afford to have ‘fun’ in Madame Tussaud’s can see what they’re missing.

What they’re missing is the chance to see Kylie showing off her black lacy knickers as she crawls along the carpet, dressed in a red basque and black thigh-high boots.

Back in Kyrgystan, a million more men and women clamber into a truck, with dreams of Kylie and being ‘Kylie independent’ in their minds.’

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