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PJ Drama

by | 24th, July 2002

‘BUT Vicky and David are worried. Hot on their heels in the hunt for fame are PJ, Jade, Spencer, Alex, Kate, Tim and Jonny. The magnificent seven are thrilling the planet with their hilarious antics and cracked-whip humour.

PJ convinces Jade to take a dip in the hot tub

But before we go to the house, let’s look in on one former inmate, the man we all call PJ Ellis.

Pig Jumper is seen on the OK! cover promising to give us the first, last and middle words on life in the Big Brother house. So, Pig Jumper, why did you go on the show?

‘Well, I’m from Birmingham and I wanted to see how the other half live.’ Pig Jumper, what happened between you and Jade? ‘I deny full sex,’ says he. ‘I did kiss her a lot longer than I thought I had, as I assumed it was just a peck on the lips… I let myself down.’

Pig Jumper, do you fancy Jade? ‘I was messing about with Jade. I don’t fancy her. I was drunk and we had a snog.’ And so it goes on, until readers finally arrive at Jade.

There’s Jade taking her clothes off as she loses another round of a betting game. And there’s Jade lying on the grass; Jade being hosed down by two studly men (Jonny and Pig Jumper), and fireman Jonny deftly directing a water hose down Jade’s pants.

‘Give us a break, Jade’, says OK! ‘She is such an exhibitionist!’ And look, there’s another shot of her with her top off. Pah! And another… another… another…

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