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Big Brother Love-Fest

by | 25th, July 2002

‘AS the housemates enter their last full day in the Big Brother house, everyone is one happy family all of a sudden – just before they walk out the doors tomorrow evening and never see one another again (except, of course, at the obligatory film premiere and D-list party).

Jade – the sensitive side

‘I love you, Jonny,’ whispered Alex, blinking back the tears. ‘And I love you, mon,’ mouthed Jonny. ‘I love you, Jade,’ Kate told the Bermondsey bigmouth. ‘And I love you, Kate,’ replied Jade, in between mouthfuls of cream cake.

‘I love you, Alex,’ said Alex. ‘I love you too,’ he replied. ‘Except when you’re drunk and then you behave like a complete prat.’ And with that the housemates went to bed and peace descended on Walton Mountain, sorry the Big Brother house.

‘Good night, Jonny Boy.’ ‘Good neet, Kate lass.’

But – as always – the last word goes to Jade, who last night revealed a secret talent: the ability to eat a four-fingered Kit-Kat in one go.

‘I’ve shown all sides of me,’ she said. ‘People have seen my angry side, me getting annoyed. They’ve also seen my bitchy side, they’ve seen my happy side, my funny side, me cry, my listening side, my sentimental side – they’ve seen everything.’ Indeed they have, Jade – and some of us are still recovering from the shock.

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