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The Honeymoon Is Over

by | 25th, July 2002

‘THEY haven’t even swept up the confetti, yet ‘trouble is already brewing in paradise’ for Julia Roberts and her new husband Danny Moder.

The Moders were sick of waiting for the happy couple to emerge from the bedroom

‘The ink isn’t dry on the wedding license and Julia and Danny are already squabbling!’ an insider tells the Enquirer. ‘And to no one’s surprise, Danny’s family is in the middle of the new battle between the newlyweds, which began on their wedding night!’

It all started with guests complaining about the way they were treated during the nuptial celebrations at Julia’s New Mexico ranch.

‘Some Moder family members groused that they were put up in Spartan accommodations,’ says the Enquirer.

As if being segregated from their women and made to sleep in barracks wasn’t bad enough, the male Moders were forced to drill for hours on a makeshift battleground before they were allowed a piece of wedding cake.

Meanwhile, a youngster with a dose of hayfever brought on by Julia’s wedding bouquet was abandoned on a rocky hillside.

‘Julia’s been in tears more than once over the reaction of Danny’s family, who made it known they weren’t happy about the hospitality and accommodations,’ says the source. ‘And Julia was in a rage at the ingratitude.’

When she and Danny kissed and made up, the relatives were no more impressed.

‘No one seemed to have given any thought to what we would do during the days while Julia and Danny were inside the house, either asleep or holed up in their bedroom making love,’ says a family friend.

Didn’t it occur to anyone to take covert photographs of them to sell at a vast profit to the Enquirer?

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