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Cooking Up A Storm

by | 26th, July 2002

‘OF course, there are other ways to skin a cat, and chef Gordon Ramsay knows a few of them.

The chef made sure Mr Wood would write no more unfavourable reviews

The Guardian reports that the man in the apron and the tall hat is threatening legal action against the AA Restaurant Guide after a restaurant he co-owns was not given a maximum score.

The upmarket Petrus eaterie was rocked when the expected number of rosettes was not awarded, and argues that they were slighted because Roger Wood, managing director of the AA guide, argued about which table he should sit at.

Simon Wright, the guide’s editor, has resigned over the incident, saying that he had intended to award the restaurant a full quota of rosettes until Mr Wood stepped in.

Mr Blair has called for a referendum on the restaurant’s future, and will fix a date for it just as soon as Mr Ramsay has answered the five tests: hors d’oeuvre; entrĂ©e; main course; cheese; and dessert.

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