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The Fight Club

by | 26th, July 2002

‘EXTREME wrestling came to Walford this week as a freestyle bout between the Slaters and the Trumans broke out in The Vic. The standoff began when Cat accused Zoe of being ‘a selfish caaahh’ for not coming to Little Mo’s appeal.

Paul then discovered that Mo had been spreading rumours that the B+B had mice so decided to get her in a headlock to teach her the error of her ways.

The bout ended as a draw, but with the Slaters coming out just ahead on points. Paul lost more than the fight though, as in the chaos, Angel appeared and whisked Precious away.

Angel was found not guilty at his murder trial and went to track down his errant wife. But being a reasonable sort of murdering psychopath, he gave her the option of disappearing and never seeing Paul again if they both wanted to live.

Paul has taken Precious’ departure badly and is taking the Angie Watts heartbreak cure. ‘Take a bottle of whisky for breakfast, a handful of painkillers for lunchÂ…’

There’s more heartbreak in store in Walford for Mark as Lisa has started seeing Phil again. ‘You can’t fight it,’ whispered Phil in her ear, ‘and the longer you hold out, the better it’s going to be.’

Lisa managed to hold out for a whole two episodes before succumbing to the charms of Mr Potato Head, which in soapland is pretty impressive. But as Mark is due to be written out of Walford in the next few months it’s safe to assume he’s going find out.

Gary is also about to discover that Lynne has been serving up more than fried sausage to Jason. Lynne almost left Gary for her former finance and a new life in Dubai. But then she discovered that dogs have to spend six months in quarantine so decided that she couldn’t face it.

Sam Mitchell has decided that she wants to change her life too. She’s replied to an advertisement in the Walford Gazette for ‘Models Wanted’. Something tells me though that Sam will end up ‘modelling’ just a light layer of baby oil, answering an advert like that.

Ian is likely to be modelling a vat of boiling oil once Laura finds out he’s gone to have a vasectomy behind her back (so to speak). Ian’s decided he doesn’t want to have a child with Laura and rather than mention this to her, he booked himself in for the snip. Laura is already bearing down on him with a thermometer, demanding that he impregnate her.

Mind you, if she does eventually drag him down the fertility clinic, he might be off the hook, as any expert will surely pronounce that Laura’s face is the best form of contraception known to humanity.

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