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Writer’s Block

by | 29th, July 2002

‘ONE man who has also tasted freedom for the first time in a long while is Lord Archer, who is pictured arm in arm with his fragrant wife Mary while on a day release from North Sea Camp prison.

Archer got four years; his writings got life

This was his first day release, and will have cheered him up after the failure of his appeal last week – although the Mail reports that he didn’t expect to succeed, and was simply trying his luck.

However, he is cheered up by the news that his wife has been given a new job, as chairman of the Addenbroke’s hospital in Cambridge.

And everyone else will be pleased that such an important post has gone to a woman whose probity and judgement has always been beyond doubt – never more so than when trouble-makers have tried to implicate her in business scandals and other disreputable affairs.

The Mail says that Mary is still angry about what she considers to be the unfair treatment meted out to her husband, and her brother David agrees, saying that they have ”thrown everything at Jeffrey”.

Unfortunately, they have also thrown a supply of paper and pens in Archer’s direction, and his cell contains four cardboard folders of his prison writings.

”Four separate books, perhaps?” suggests the Mail. ”Or four chapters of one book?” Just the one, we suspect, as Archer will soon find that his days are filled with other things.

”The prison authorities will have been casting around for work outside the prison grounds for Archer,” the paper reveals.

But prison is also meant to improve as well as punish, we are reminded. In which case, his forthcoming opus should be well worth the wait.

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