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From Vice To Spice

by | 30th, July 2002

‘JAMIE Theakston is not exactly the best advert for British men after his recent and well-publicised visit to a Mayfair brothel.

Baby changed her image after spending a few days with Jamie

But there is barely a whip or a thigh-high PVC boot to be seen on the front page of this morning’s Sun, which spots the TV presenter ”sharing a tender clinch” with Emma Bunton.

Of course, this gives the paper the perfect excuse to use its ”From Vice Girl To Spice Girl…” headline, although in truth none of the ”amazing” pictures show the couple doing any more than hugging.

But a hug is the most the majority of Englishmen can manage before they run off, dress up in a nappy and beg you to feed them Cow & Gate while administering a good spanking.

It is certainly good enough for the Sun’s Dominic Mohan, who claims they were caught ”behaving like a pair of illicit lovers”. Telling tales of boarding school, regaling each other with stories of their parents…

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