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All Style, No Substance

by | 30th, July 2002

‘SPENCER Smith challenges the defining doctrine of OK! magazine: ”Being a celebrity is all about looking good”. He proves that sometimes, it can be about hilarious bodily emissions as well.

Brooklyn’s hospital gown was designed by Baby Gap

But after OK!’s uncharacteristic detour to Cambridgeshire, Posh Spice is on hand, as always, to steer the magazine back onto a more customary course.

”Expectant mums, it seems, can go one of two ways,” proclaims OK! ”Either they look pale and interesting – or, to put it in a less flattering way, jaded, sick and tired – or they look positively glowing with health.”

Of course, OK! has no interest in those unattractive pregnant lumps on the verge of nervous exhaustion, and fortunately for them, Victoria Beckham slips easily into the latter category of mums-to-be.

”Carrying that extra bit of weight, with her skin rosy and her hair brightened with blonde highlights, she looks fabulous, despite her baby’s imminent arrival,” it approves. ”Not one to experiment with wild fashion-for-the-sake-of-it outfits, Victoria sticks to what suits her, even when she’s nearly eight months pregnant.”

But two Beckhams are better than one, giving the magazine the opportunity to take a retrospective look at Victoria and husband David, ”the country’s biggest style icons”.

”As individuals they were stylish, but together they became a fashion force to be reckoned with,” writes OK!, remembering the glory days of David’s ”adventurous” sarong, bandanna and mohican, Victoria’s fake lip ring and ”sultry” hair extensions, and the pair’s matching diamond crucifixes.

We can hardly wait for the impending birth, when Victoria will wear a delightful backless hospital gown in light green by her favourite designer, Maria Grachvogel, while Becks dons a matching bandanna and surgical mask.

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