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A Marriage Made In Hell

by | 30th, July 2002

‘RICHARD and Gail’s smugness levels, in the run up to their wedding, threaten to engulf Weatherfield like an outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease.

Gail’s hen night took place in the Rovers (surprise!) where she proceeded to torture everyone by wittering on endlessly about her perfect life with Coronation Street’s premier murderer.

Richard had arranged for her son, Nick to fly over from Canada to be there for the big day. He almost didn’t make it as he didn’t have enough money for the fare so Richard paid for his ticket. I was under the impression that as a plank of wood, he would have been able to travel for free in the hold.

Richard is also perky as he’s sold the last of his flat developments and is planning to move the Platt family into a five bedroom pad, complete with pool room to make David feel at home, and dead body under the foundations, to make him feel comfortable.

Gail and Richard’s wedding day almost doesn’t happen though, when the police turn up to question him about his ex wife’s disappearance. Patricia has been reported missing and as he was the last person to see her alive, the police take him away for some questioning. But Teflon Tricky Dicky gets off without charge.

Richard is so convinced that he’s done nothing wrong, he’s given his dead wife’s bracelet to Gail as a wedding present. Well, it wasn’t much of a lucky charm for Patricia, was it?

Unfortunately for those hoping to see Gail left stranded at the altar, you’re going to be disappointed, as the wedding goes ahead but at least it does mean that Richard lives to kill another day.

Sally is dithering over whether she should let Kevin move back in or not to help pay the bills. But as Eileen pointed out, it’s unlikely she’s ever going to find herself another man (word having got out about her ability to sap the life out of grown men) so why not settle for the hamster man?

Things are looking up for Sally though, as she’s managed to get herself some work experience in Rita’s newsagent. So hopefully she’ll be supplementing the girls’ diet of fish fingers with cola cubes and Cadburys Creme Eggs.

Karen has also landed herself a new job in an upmarket furniture shop. ”They can spot class when they see it,” she gloated to the girls at the factory on her way to her first day. More likely her new bosses could tell that with her depth of experience, she’d be invaluable in giving customers advice on hundreds of different beds and sofas.

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