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Les Be Friends

by | 31st, July 2002

‘WHEN, earlier this week, Alan Duncan became the first Tory MP to openly declare he was gay, nobody was prepared for the impact it would have on British society.

Les Battersby never looked like this

And the shock waves have reached all the way to Coronation Street, where the characters are set to follow Alan’s example.

”Corrie fans are in for a big shock – when bruiser Les Battersby comes out as gay,” reports the Star.

”Loutish Les will tell the whole of Weatherfield he’s enjoying a homosexual relationship with dopey lodger Kirk Sutherland. The ‘couple’ decorate their terraced home in Coronation Street with pastel shades and vases of pretty flowers as Village People CDs blast from the speakers.”

It’s not the first gay storyline to hit Soapland, but the prospect of seeing actors Bruce Jones and Andrew Whyment play tonsil hockey is not nearly as palatable as, say, watching Anna Friel snogging Nicola Stephenson in Brookside.

But before Corrie’s ratings start to plummet, viewers should know that Les is not really ”a batty boy”, as the paper’s headline suggests.

”Les’s gay antics are all part of a desperate scam to escape being evicted,” the Star assures us.

And when you consider the lengths that some of the Big Brother housemates went to in order to avoid eviction – stripping naked on the sofa, enjoying naked romps in the hot tub, mooning the hidden cameras – viewers can consider themselves lucky that Les at least keeps his clothes on.

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