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Sofa So Good

by | 14th, August 2002

‘IT comes to something when the biggest storyline in a soap is based around a large, inanimate object that everyone hates. No, Bet Gilroy’s not back, it’s Karen’s sofa. It’s difficult to follow (or care) about this tedious storyline but apparently Karen has spent two thousand pounds in the store she works in, on a sofa that is too big to fit into their flat.

Steve took it round to his mother’s old house, where Eileen now lives to store it. With me so far? Eileen brought the sofa in so it wouldn’t get ruined and put her one in the back yard. And – would you believe it? – the removal men that Steve called to take Karen’s sofa away only went and picked up the wrong one! It’s the sort of plot the Carry On gang would turn their noses up at on the grounds that it was too ludicrous.

And speaking of soft furnishings, Sally’s mind is all in turmoil over agreeing to let Kevin move back in. Although he’s sleeping on the sofa, the residents of Weatherfield think that they’re back together and Sally is worried that this will put off any potential mate. No, Sally, love – the fact that you’re a controlling harpy is what will do it.

Across the street, Maria seems to think she’s found the love of her life. She’s sold off all her worldly possessions in readiness for a new life in Canada with Nick ‘the brick’ Platt. But something tells me she’s not even going to make it as far as Manchester Airport. Like Stepford, no one is allowed to leave Weatherfield – unless it’s in the back of a cab – and once gone is never seen again (except once a year in panto).

Poor Shelly is going through a hard time too at the moment. Fred has promoted her to temporary manager of The Rovers, much to Gina’s annoyance. Gina, being the mature, responsible person that she is quickly set about making Shelly’s life a nightmare and finally walked out after spilling tomato juice all down Shelly’s top. Shelly’s life is about to get a whole lot worse when her boyfriend Peter’s old navy mate, Kieran, turns up, played by none other than Mr Keith Duffy, formally of Boyzone ‘fame’.

Kieran makes it very clear that he fancies Shelly and sets about trying to woo her. Let’s just hope he doesn’t offer to sing – don’t know how much more pain Shelly can take. ‘

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