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Tarted Up

by | 14th, August 2002

‘THE only good thing about Kate Lawler being in the Big Brother house was that she couldn’t talk to OK! magazine. But now the ”blonde, beautiful, confident, funny” Kate is on the outside once more, and she’s giving an interview to OK! because it’s her ”favourite magazine in the world”.

New pictures show Kate wooing the female vote

So, Kate, how does it feel to be the first female winner of Big Brother? ”I feel totally freaked out!” she squeals. ”It’s absolutely unreal.” And why did you apply for Big Brother in the first place? As it transpires, it wasn’t for the chance to be violently ill in front of a TV audience of millions. Nor was it the opportunity to break the record for the number of times the phrase ”Oh my God” can be uttered in a 15-minute period. ”It was almost as if the whole of Britain felt they had to audition,” claims Her Blondeness.

And indeed, all of Britain did audition, except for the 59.85 million people who didn’t. Kate was warned by the psychotherapist that appearing on Big Brother could ruin her life, and that the show ”was like a pantomime and we’d all be cast as characters”.

Kate was assured by her BB chaperone: ”You’ll probably be cast as the pretty girl.” ”I thought that was sweet,” says Kate, ”but I wondered if she meant I’d be the house tart.” And so it came to pass. ”I flirted with Spencer because I fancied him,” she reveals. ”I flirted with Alex because I thought he was fit, but I didn’t fancy him. I never flirted with Jonny, I didn’t fancy him.”

But it didn’t stop her snogging him for the votes.

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