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Going The Gay Way

by | 14th, August 2002

‘BRITNEY Spears might have an image so clean that it squeaks, but this week the Enquirer smears that image with whipped cream and encourages it to jelly-wrestle with one of America’s top porn stars.

More than a girl…

”Britney Spears has a passion for porn – especially lesbian love!” it announces, adding that pop’s most famous virgin has befriended a top X-rated actress. ”Britney isn’t the goody-two-shoes everybody thinks she is,” says a source. ”She loves to watch porn and has her own personal collection of hot sex videos.” A pal adds: ”She and her friends watch it together and she is absolutely fascinated.”

Insiders say that Britney has become close to porn star Jenna Jameson – but not close enough for some people. ”There’s a definite attraction between them,” says Jenna’s fiancé, Jay Sterling, optimistically. Could it be that, having had her heart broken by a callous male, Britney is considering swapping sides? The Enquirer notes that after her break-up with Justin Timberlake, Britney attended a party thrown by porn producers, where such cinematic offerings as Where The Boys Aren’t, She Town and Blonde On Blonde were screened.

Psychotherapist and sex expert Dr Judy Kuriansky tells the Enquirer: ”I think it would be perfectly natural for her to be curious about lesbian sexual adventures because she’s a very sensual young woman who attracts both male and female fans.” And Jay says that if Britney’s music career flops, she could certainly make it in the porn industry. ”Sterling says his bride-to-be would love to perform in a movie and even has a name for the project – Britney Loves Jenna.”

Stand by for news of the release – and the sound of box-office records shattering.

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