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Socks Appeal

by | 15th, August 2002

‘THIS summer we have seen another concerted campaign by the fashion editors and lifestyle columnists to kill off the age-old tradition of British men wearing socks with shoes.

Endangered species

Even a recent Times leader got in on the act. This is typically short-sighted behaviour. Now, alas, British men finally seem to be taking notice of this hectoring, and are ditching their trusty socks in droves.

Yesterday BBC Morning Breakfast presenter Jeremy Bowen joined their ranks, and at one point waved his foot around above his desk to show off his bare toes, to the delight of fellow anchor and possible foot-fetishist Sophie Raworth.

Today’s Mirror shows pictures of the foot-worshipping session and asks readers to vote on whether they are behind Jeremy in his sockless stand, or just underneath the news desk having a good sniff.

But behind all the fake jollity is a serious matter, for British sock-makers aren’t the only ones who will suffer if this crazy new thinking takes hold. Without men wearing socks and sandals, the hacks will be unable to write their annual socks-and-sandals articles, and will have to think of new things to write about. Hence the backlash against Bowen.

But there could be relief in sight. If the BBC’s dressing-down policy continues, there could be other indignities heaped upon us.

”What next, presenters in shorts?” asks the Mirror hopefully, as it rummages around for its familiar stock of articles about the perils of British men baring their knees.

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