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Do The Maths

by | 15th, August 2002

”’WHAT’S THE POINT OF EXAM IF YOU CAN’T FAIL?” asks the Sun with masterful rhetoric, but a shaky grasp of grammar.

Even with the aid of a calculator, the task proved difficult

”Fury as 94 per cent pass A-levels,” it continues, reflecting the fears of many others concerning the dumbing-down of our education system.

For as pass rates continue to rise, the content of exams is becoming narrower and easier, and pupils are increasingly shying away from ”difficult” subjects like maths. Which brings us back to that headline.

And a prospective exam question: If you have an exam that ”you can’t fail”, but only 94 per cent manage to pass it, does this mean that your use of English is to blame, or you maths – or both?


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