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Running Scared

by | 15th, August 2002

‘BRITNEY is on the brink, according to this week’s big National Enquirer feature story. The booze and the heartache are all played out in minute detail, but the most shocking news comes on the gossip pages at the back of the mag.

”Oops! I did it again!”

”POOPS! I DID IT AGAIN!” laughs the ever-sophisticated DISH! Column, edited by the pleasingly-named Lycia Naff. The incident occurred during Britney’s performance in Mexico City, when she had to run off stage in the middle of a song for fear that lightning was about to strike the stage.

”I’m sorry Mexico, I love you. Bye!” she shouted, and was gone. The spectacular scenes that ensued in the bathroom were certainly an indication of a high level of terror, but her distress was not the result of lightning.

It transpires that she was in fact OD-ing on laxatives, resulting in ”several near misses and one full-blown accident” according to what Ms Naff coyly calls ”my spy close to the constipated crooner”.

Apparently, Brit has been using the drugs as a slimming aid for years, and the Mexico debacle was not an isolated incident. Not only that, but ”she often jokes about surprise bathroom attacks causing unplanned costume changes”.

An ”insider” (not literally, we hope) says elsewhere in the magazine: ”She’s definitely in meltdown mode.” And when the story breaks, the Enquirer will be the first to splash it all over.

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