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Holy Odd Couple!

by | 15th, August 2002

‘AS Bruce Wayne and his youthful ward Dick Grayson, aka Batman and Robin, actors Adam West and Bruce Ward were a byword for teamwork. Some even suggested that their close on-screen relationship had undertones of homosexuality.

”Holy cow, Batman! Not another lame joke!”

Yet away from the cameras their relationship could hardly have been less cosy. In fact, as the Enquirer reports, they could barely stand the sight of one another.

Now the old antagonisms have arisen again, as the pair is hard at work on a CBS nostalgia special in LA. ”Burt is still a prima donna,” says the inevitable ”source”.

”He’ll have his chauffeur wait in his driveway while he feeds his horses, or he’ll sit in his trailer just so that Adam has to wait for him to start a scene. Adam gets annoyed, and they grumble at each other.” The odd couple indeed.

But best of all is the following exchange. Ward pulls a picture of a jackass from his coat. ”See this, Adam?” he says. ”That’s you!” To which West responded: ”Just grow up, Burt!”

Let’s hope the dramatic tension makes it to the screen.

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