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Loving And Leaving

by | 16th, August 2002

‘ONE music legend unlikely to be seen in Britain is Geri Halliwell. And even if she were a music legend, she still wouldn’t be seen on these shores for much longer because, as the Star reports, Geri ”is to quit Britain to set up home in the USA with her lover Damian Warner”.

Who will fill Geri’s dress when she jacks in Britain?

The paper describes it as ”shock news”, but for most readers it comes as a rather pleasant surprise. ”It appears the health-freak singer – dubbed ‘Geri no-mates’ after fall-outs with George Michael and Robbie Williams – has finally found a soulmate in Chicago millionaire Damian,” write the Bitches, the paper’s resident gossip-mongers.

The lovers first met at a rehab clinic near Tucson, Arizona, where she was allegedly receiving treatment for bulimia and he was recovering from a drugs problem. ”Now she’s decided she wants to spend tons of quality time with him,” says a pal. ”And why not, if she’s finally found someone willing to put up with her faddy exercise and diet plans?” ask the Bitches.

The only potential glitch in this stellar plan is that Geri will not be leaving for good until January 3, which gives Damian plenty of time to come to his senses.

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