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by | 19th, August 2002

‘IT’S reassuring to know that on a day like today, the tabloids still have a bit of space left for some real news.

Young Jade went a bit overboard with the Kleenex

”JADE USED TISUE TO PAD OUT HER BRAS” announces the Star (the ”official Big Brother paper”). And whence did this bombshell originate? Her grandfather John Caddock, of course.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s the meat, in the Star’s own no-nonsense words: ”Big Brother’s Jade Goody used to stuff tissue paper down her bra to give herself curves, her grandad revealed yesterday.”

But that’s not all. It was John and his wife Sylvia who initiated the tissue-stuffing by buying Jade her first bra and suggesting that she pad it out ”so it would look like she had some tits”.

As he points out, ”she certainly has them now” – in fact Jade is so well-upholstered that she has employed a personal trainer to help her shed weight. She is said to be close to him too, although she insists that they are ”just good friends”.

It’s just as well that they get on, for, as the Star’s editorial ungallantly points out, ”He’ll need a 10-year contract for that particular job”.

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