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Always Read The Label Carefully

by | 20th, August 2002

‘RACHAEL STEEL is upset. We know this because there’s a picture of her in today’s Sun, with the caption: ”Rachael: ‘I was upset”’. Not only that, but she has claimed compensation for her distress.

Hours of pleasure

And what caused this distress? She looked at a packet of pills that she had purchased in the Feltham Night and Day Chemists, and noticed that the dosage label had an obscene instruction printed on it above her name.

The photograph of the packet confirms that this is so. ”Insert ONE into P—Y [letters blacked out] when pleasure is required” it says. To which one’s response might presumably be anything from amusement through to mild irritation.

But Rachael, 23, took a different view. ”It made me feel ill to think he had written it for me,” she says of the pervert/monster/prankster, who has now been sacked by the chemist.

Her fiance, Toby Butler, concurs. ”He must be a very sick bloke,” he said. ”I was so angry.”

The National Pharmaceutical Association has offered Rachael a one-off payment of £150 but insists that she is not eligible for compensation. Rachael, needless to say, is ”unhappy with how they have dealt with this”.

”I think £150 is a small amount for something that’s caused me so much upset,” she complains. And she’s right, of course.

You can’t get much for 150 quid these days – certainly not a life, which is what Rachael and Toby clearly need.

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