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by | 21st, August 2002

‘AS Ian Huntley’s name joins that of Ian Brady, Roy Whiting and many others in the annals of the nation’s most despised, there is no shortage of people stepping forward to say how they once knew the man now charged with killing Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman.

More of Huntley’s strange relatives

The Mirror has, perhaps, the most bizarre, as one Lisa Huntley screams out: ”Oh, no, not my cousin.” Having read reams of stories about the family (Ian Huntley’s first wife, Claire, left him to marry his younger brother Wayne), it’s possible that in the Huntley family cousin, brother, mother and sister could be one and the same.

But whatever the convoluted connection, Lisa says she feels ”sick to the bottom of my stomach”. So sick is Lisa that she tells the Mirror of her sickness, attracting the kind of exposure that most people trying to escape the stigma of a connection with Huntley would avoid.

But still the Huntley reunion goes on. In the Sun, there’s Laura Fenty, who met and fell in love with Ian Huntley just after her 15th birthday. It’s sensational news that comes moments after Huntley’s ”first sweetheart”, Anita Denman, told how she and Ian shared kisses when they were just 12.

And as the Sun scours the world for any other kiss chase victims of the accused, the Star introduces a new twist into the scenario, saying how scoring an own goal ruined Ian Huntley’s chances of fulfilling his dream of playing for Manchester United.

Those of you who have followed the case will need no reminding that the victims were also fans of that club, while those who read the Star are treated to a picture of Huntley in his footy kit and another shot of Jessica and Holly in theirs, something the Star feels is ironic.

Perhaps one day, the papers will be able to trace the six degrees of separation that lead Huntley to Genghis Khan, Adolph Hitler or, dare it be said, the victims.

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