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by | 21st, August 2002

‘NOW that Nicolas and Lisa Marie have made it legal, it surely won’t be long before they hear the pitter-patter of little blue suede shoes around the house.

One of the lovely things Damian has taught Liz

But Liz Hurley didn’t wait for a husband before she went forth and multiplied, and she couldn’t be happier about her decision, as she tells Hello!.

”It’s enhanced every single part of my life,” she says of being a mother. ”All I secretly want to do is go home and play with Damian.” So it must be very difficult for her when all she publicly wants to do is go out to parties in designer frocks.

”I just love having him in my life,” she continues. ”It really, really reminds you of what’s important and what brings you great joy. And you see him bring such great joy to everybody else, too, it’s enchanting. I had absolutely no idea that it could possibly be that lovely.”

One of the reasons Ms Hurley was so unprepared for the joys of motherhood was because, as she says, ”I never really knew that many babies before and had hardly ever spent any time with them.”

Isn’t she forgetting those 13 years she was with Hugh Grant?’

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