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Accidents Will Happen

by | 21st, August 2002

”’Mr Sims wasn’t invited to play by the kids, and he didn’t even come by afterwards to tell us about the accident,” said Otis Stanbury. ”They didn’t leave us any details, I had to get their number from the side of their cars.”

Mr Stanbury is father of six-year-old Yohan, who was playing football in the street in Long Eaton, Derbyshire, when door-to-door salesman Jay Sims approached them and joined in the game.

Yohan tackled Sims, who is alleged to have fallen on him, leaving him with face and head injuries and needing hospital treatment.

Just before the incident, Sims had been attempting to persuade the Mr Stanbury of the benefits of suing for injury using his company’s no-win, no-fee accident claims firm.

”At first I just wanted them to say sorry for what they had done,” said Stanbury. ”But when they started saying that nothing had happened I thought we were playing a totally different ball game.”

Jim Hackett, a partner at the Claims Centre, which is handling the case, said he was confident of getting compensation. ‘

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